Monday, November 14, 2011

25 weeks.....

And the countdown is on..... 95 days left before induction.  That is both exciting, and absolutely nerve wracking at the same time!!!  Been a relatively quiet week, considering.  Besides the m/w and neonatologist appointment.  Hoping to get the referral process to Portland started ASAP!  I am still battling hyperemesis.  Stormy is a movin and groovin a lot now.  Doesn't sleep as much as she use to.  My pelvis is killing me, but what's new?  In turn, I don't sleep very much.  I sleep when I can, though, even if that means a 6 pm nap on the couch.  No appointments this week.  I do have my next peri appointment and u/s next week, the day before Turkey Day.  I can't wait to see her, and again, always hoping for no change!!  I really hope the next 14 weeks go by slowly, I can't help but be happy that she is still in my belly, and that I am providing everything she needs, including cookies and pudding.  =)  I am just trying so hard to enjoy every minute that she is safe in my belly. ♥  She is obviously growing... not that I can't tell by my growing belly, but because of the kicks and jabs I am now getting in my ribs!  And this momma is loving every single minute of it!!  ♥

♥ 25 week belly pic coming soon ♥

This last week I made Stormy a beanie.  Here it is, being modeled by Shelby's baby, Sarah. =)

I will be making another one, with some softer yarn, but that was my very first one ever, I am pretty proud of myself!  No one could believe that I made it!  Lol  Took me a while, but it turned out great!  Can't wait for Stormy to model it!  ♥  Also, in due time, I will attempt to make Shelby and Shakyra a hat.  They think momma is amazing now and can make anything!  Doh!  Lol!  I'm in for it now!  But I am hoping, that when I am away from home, spending my time in the RMH and the NICU, that this will give me something to do, other than blog and facebook!  =)

To lighten the mood a bit... here is something entertaining to see...

Hahahahaha.... no wrong way, to eat fruit snacks!!!  Silly girl!!!  ♥

Friday, November 11, 2011

Meeting with Neonatologist.....

I met with Dr. Ilg, a neonatologist, this afternoon. A very busy Dr, but was able to squeeze me in between rounds and deliveries!  He explained to me how things can go, and how things can not go.  Thankfully I have done a lot, and have learned a lot about Stormy's condition, so I knew a lot about what he was saying.  It is really helpful though, hearing it directly from the professional, and someone that has been there done that.  He explained what will be going on after she is born, and all that stuff that goes along with a baby with "bad" lungs.  I say "bad" because we honestly don't know how good, how bad, or what kind of lungs she has in there.  Hopefully, she has a good right lung, and what she has of a left lung is strong!  One can at least hope anyways!  He is giving me the referral to Portland.  He also explained to me why it is dangerous to have to transport such a fragile neonate.  When you are on an oscillator vent, that vent is not available on transport.  That makes things extra risky.  He agrees that she should be born IN the hospital that has ECMO available to her, should she need it.  He said he would be contacting Portland in the next week, and we would go from there.  Overall, the appointment went well, and as scary as the future and the unknown are... I have complete confidence that Stormy WILL come out of this ON top, and show everyone what she is made of!!  ♥

Thursday, November 10, 2011

m/w appointment...

I had my m/w appointment today.  It went very well, of course!  =)  She gave me a big hug, well lots of them actually.  She is so amazing!  She asked how I was doing, physically and emotionally.  She said she thinks about me every single day.  ♥  She didn't make me get on the exam bed, since she knows it hurts me just to walk.  She feels awful that on top of everything, I have the stupid pelvis problem.  Just what I needed.  While she was trying to find Stormy's heartbeat....  Shelby and Shakyra thought it was funny that she wasn't finding it, so they started giggling, saying Stormy was hiding from her.  My m/w then said, ya know, you can take this stupid probe from me and find her heartbeat, I know you are a pro at this.  Of course, she added gel, I moved it, and as soon as I put it on my tummy, there it was.  Haha!  It's the mothers touch.  =P  Then she measured my tummy, just with her hands... she said, no need for a "in depth measurement" cuz then she has to push on the pelvis to get it.  Yea, no thanks! Eep!  She said no reason to add more pain.  She said I am measuring great, maybe a bit ahead, but that is good since we need lots of room and a good size baby for the fight she will endure.  Then she laughed and said, oh boy, next appointment is the glucose test.  Yuck!  Then she said, but of course, we will just draw your A1C.  =)  Thank goodness!  She said there is no reason to torture me more... I've never held the damn drink down anyways!  They will also draw my bile salts again with that blood draw, to see if my liver is still doing ok, or if the levels are elevated at all. Hoping that it has stayed the same!!  Tomorrow is the appointment with the neo.  He is the one that will send my referral to Portland, and I will then start the battle with insurance, yet again. =/

Monday, November 7, 2011

24 weeks.....

Still sick.  O.M.G!  Hyperemesis... please, you have outdone your stay!  This momma would LOOOOVE nothing more than for you to be hit by a big bus and die!  Go invade the life of someone undeserving!  I feel a bit itchy lately... hopefully my liver is still doing ok!  I am crossing everything still that I can at least avoid getting Cholestasis this pregnancy, though, there is nothing I can do to prevent it.  Lots of braxton hicks... lots of round ligament stretching... pretty sure those round ligaments are going to snap outta my belly some days!!  My pelvis pain is steadily getting worse.  =/  Stormy is getting more and more active, and I love every minute of it. I love feeling her punch, kick, roll... gives me so much reassurance... even though I know it means nothing once she is here.  *sigh*  I still do my best and NOT thinking about the future... the unknown.  It scares the shit out of me.  I called and scheduled my m/w appointment.  The MA said, when are you due for an appointment, I said oh, last week.  Haha! She said shame on you!  HAHA... she was totally kidding.  She knows I have a full plate.  My appointment is on Thursday.  Routine stuff.  =)  My appointment with the neonatologist is on Friday.  Can't wait to see him.  I hear he is awesome, and he will be the one that sends my referral to Portland!  =)

♥ 24 weeks ♥

Monday, October 31, 2011

23 weeks.....

Happy Halloween!! We had a busy weekend. Saturday was Pumpkin Lane in Deer Park(my hometown) and it was 2 hours of trick or treating fun. We even took the kids on a hay ride, what a blast! My pelvis, however, was NOT happy with me! It's been giving me a lot of grief lately. I don't sleep well because of it, it's hard to get comfortable. Then tonite, my mom and I took the kids out trick or treating in our neighborhood. I drove my moms tahoe, and sat in the heated seat, while my mom walked with the kids. Now THAT is the way to go! Hehe! When we hit a quiet area, everyone hopped in and we went to another street. =) They got a TON of candy!!! We'll be eating it at Christmas!

My Midnight Fairy
Strawberry Shortcake


Shakyra finally felt Stormy move for the first time yesterday!! ♥ Stormy had kicked her before, but she didn't really "feel" it. The look of joy on her face was priceless!!! =) Shakyra hasn't been feeling well this past week. Poor girl, but it seems to bring out a sweetness to her. The other day, she told me "You are a beautiful, smart, the best mommy ever, and pregnant with my cute baby sister."  Awwwwwwww...  ♥  Melted my heart!

Other than the massive acid monster in my belly, an aching pelvis, Stormy doing lots of different tricks, and no appointments this week... that is my update!

16 weeks left!!

♥ 23 weeks ♥

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skittle has a NAME!!!!!!!!

It's official!!!  Jonathan actually told Shakyra what Skittle's name was last night, but he didn't tell me.  So I asked him today, and he said, well I guess it's official.  ♥

♥ Stormy ♥

No, she doesn't have a middle name.... haven't made it that far, but she has a first name!!  She'll have a middle name when she is born!  =)  It brings tears to my eyes, knowing she has a name. Silly, I know, but it's getting more and more real. ♥

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The ultrasound went great!  Yay!  As far as we can see, it still looks like stomach and intestines are the only organs in the chest.  The tech was checking blood flow(the liver makes the blood flow look like a tree) and that seems to still be in the stomach, but maybe close to the diaphragm.  But being as we don't know where the hole is at, we just hope it STAYS that way!  So 8 weeks, and no change!  Woohoo!  I can accept that!  She was stubborn, of course, so no profile pictures... so no 3D face shot yet.  We could see the muscles on her arms and legs, and her cheeks are starting to fill out.  She is estimated to weigh about 1 lb 4 oz right now.  I think she was estimated to be 11.5-12.5 inches long.  I can't remember.  She is in the 77% for her growth, so I am a HAPPY momma!  ♥

♥ Cute lil fingers ♥

♥ Cute lil legs getting stronger ♥

♥Lil foot, and cute lil toes ♥

 ♥ Love 3D pictures! ♥

♥ Thank goodness! ♥

♥ Love her cute lil feet! ♥